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Transcript podcasts

We serve everyone in transcript podcasts. Why transcribe?

1. Because the various search engines only promote written text and not audio, without transcribing your podcast you reduce your chances of being online, so the transcript improves the SEO ranking of your program.

2. Podcast transcripts strengthen your credibility and authority in front of an audience so that they can be impressed by your credibility and expertise not only through audio, but also from reading things.

With the help of transcripts of the programs, you can reach a larger audience, because you give it two options, and it is he who has to choose how he prefers to receive the information and content, by listening or reading.


4. The more content you have on the Internet when it comes to your programs, the more results you will get, the more traffic to the site / pages, etc. will increase.

5. Studies show that when a potential listener sees an advertisement of one program or another that he does not yet know, in 85% of cases he writes the name of the program in "Google" so that he can get more details.

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