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Why do I need a podcast for my business?

The digital world that has evolved and continues to reinvent itself every year leaves no more room for doubt.

Every company, business and service provider must have a personal podcast program.

If you still do not understand why, here are some points that will clarify the importance and need.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an Internet radio program that is distributed online for free or for a fee, and can be listened to anytime, anywhere.

In recent years podcasts have become a breakthrough in terms of branding and recruiting new customers, as they present a number of clear benefits.

מה זה פודקאסט

Our customers



Podcasia is a production company of podcast programs for businesses.

To date, we have produced dozens of podcast programs for companies and industry professionals in various fields: medicine, real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, coaching and more.

The service of the podcast includes:

1. Recording, editing and distribution of the Internet radio program on all the leading podcast networks.

2. Matching graphics and visuals.

3. Statistical segmentation: How many listens did the podcast have? Where were the listeners from, etc.?

4. Interviewer / presenter of the programs as needed.

5. Transcription of podcasts

Микрофоны для радио-шоу

Shalom Sionov

33 years old, a former sports journalist, the founder of Podexia, one of the first to produce podcast programs in Israel and hosts the podcasts "Olim L'reshet" "Surviving with difficulty" and "I thought we had a match"

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